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Let it snow
Oily Rag Weatherproof cushions even survive the snow
Absolutely nothing! Your cushions can be left out in ALL weathers! If the temperature falls below -30 degrees, the PVC coating may become brittle (but it doesn't get that cold here does it?) and they do look pretty in the snow. You need to be aware that the more extremes of temperature that any oilcloth is exposed to will cause the PVC to deteriorate, resulting in the life of your product shortening.
Similarly Oily Rag® bunting and outdoor doorstops can withstand the full extremes of the English weather.
Untreated oilcloth - YUCK!
The correct way to use your Oily Rag waterproof garden cushions
5. What happens to the oilcloth if it snows?
If anything is spilt on top of your tablecloth, just wipe with a wet cloth in the normal way. If you don't mould / bacteria may grow on the PVC coating, probably due to some food residue. Simply wipe off. If the cotton underside of the oilcloth does somehow become saturated, hang up to dry. Thanks to our anti-fungal treatment, mould will struggle to grow on the fabric underside, unlike ALL other oilcloths!
The eyelets in the corners of the tablecloth are made of nickel coated brass so they won’t rust, and they enable you to weight the corners of your cloth so that it won't blow away. Natural pebble tablecloth weights are available to purchase on our site. They are suspended by a leather tie and will not damage your cloth. The whole idea of having an Oily Rag® product is that it can be left outside all summer, giving you more time to simply enjoy your outside space style and in comfort.

 Please never immerse your cushion in water. It has been designed to allow rain water to run off it without permeating. It isn't a lilo!
The best way to clean your cushions, tablecloths, doorstops or bunting is just to wipe with a damp cloth. All oilcloth can absorb some oils (they leech into the plastic!) so care must be taken if using the cushions on any oiled wooden furniture, or if you are eating curry, please be careful not to spill any!
Your cushions may become 'sticky' over time or if they have been exposed to extreme variants in temperature. This is generally due to the PVC coating deteriorating. It is a normal wear and tear occurence.  It can also be caused by pollutants in the air, or sap that becomes airborn from trees and leaves. If this happens clean as soon as possible (as above) to help prevent further deterioration of the PVC coating.
4. How to look after your Oily Rag® products.   
3. The benefits of, and how to look after your outdoor tablecloth.
Oily Rag® cushions are truly unique; they have been made so that rain water simply can not penetrate the fabric of your cushion, or even enter through the seams, at last, a truly outdoor waterproof cushion. But please do NOT submerge in water!
They brighten up a garden without flowers. They furnish your furniture, just as you would your sofa. They allow you to enjoy your garden in comfort, without the hassle of remembering to put the cushions away. Use to sit on the floor, on a boat, a caravan, a picnic, a childs sports day - in fact anywhere that you would like to sit that might be wet, your bottom will be protected from the damp.
2. Why buy an Oily Rag® cushion?
All Oily Rag® products are made in the U.K. Our special design of waterproof cushion and treated oilcloth is patent pending. The cushions can be left outside even in the rain. The fabric is designed and printed in Britain, and our main aim is to help support British industry producing high quality British products to be proud of. All Oily Rag® fabrics have been treated to help reduce mould or mildew growing on the underside of the oilcoth. Any Oily Rag® fabric can be left outside throughout the British summer to get wet, wet, wet - without any worries. This innovative treatment and use of oilcloth is currently patent pending, so (as far as we know) no other company is producing oilcloth in this way!

1. What makes an Oily Rag® product so special?

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for PLEASE mail us at info@oilyragfabrics.com. We would love to hear from you.

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