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Oily Rag®s bunting flags are not fixed to the rope.
The flags are threaded onto the rope through welded eyelets at the two top corners of each flag. Nothing is fixed, so they can be hung as close together or as far apart as you fancy - maybe even spread them out, with balloons between! Just knot between each flag when you decide where you want it - Simple!
All of our Oily Rag fabrics have been treated to help reduce mould, they are double sided, and are rather cleverly welded shut, to stop the rain from making them all soggy. So if it’s your little one’s birthday, or an adults’ tea party our unique bunting is the way to instantly create the right mood!
If it’s party time or you just want to make your garden look more relaxed and inviting.
Oily Rag® Bunting is the answer. It is the ONLY oilcloth bunting which can be left outside
throughout the whole English summer without going completely yucky and black.

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Synthetic hemp, rot proof rope, great for outdoor bunting
Outdoor oilcloth bunting
Extra bunting rope
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Oilcloth Bunting
Bunting you can leave outside ALL summer!
Registered in England number: 04887185. Oily Rag® Limited, Redhouse Farm, Braiseworth, Suffolk, U.K.
Mixed classic
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